Rally Graphite PX Paddle Review

If you’re looking to add pickleball to your list of hobbies, then you are going to want to look for the right equipment. For those that have been playing for a little while, one of the best ways to improve your skills is to invest in a higher quality paddle. 

If you’ve already started the research process, then you may have come across several of them, including the Rally Graphite PX paddle. The only way to know for sure if that paddle is the right one for you is for us to share with you our in-depth look at it so that you can make the right decision for you and the pickleball you’re playing.

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Rally Graphite PX Paddle

This paddle from Rally Graphite is designed to elevate a player’s capabilities in every aspect of pickleball. Utilizing high-quality, state-of-the-art materials, the company has improved the durability and feel of the paddle and gives it a wider graphite face. The paddle itself is constructed with a polymer core and graphite face, which helps with ball control when it comes to edging.

The designers of this paddle certainly put a lot of effort into creating a well-rounded pickleball paddle and helping players develop their skills to all-new levels. Below we go deeper into the features and benefits of this paddle ball, as well as who we think would benefit the most from adding this paddle to their pickleball gear.

Who is this Product for? 

The unique construction of this paddle makes it well suited for any type of pickleball player, no matter if you’re looking for more power or control. Furthermore, the weight and design make it perfect for beginner players who have been playing for a little bit. 

Of all the players that will benefit from purchasing this paddle the most, we think it is the one that is looking for a budget option that offers a high level of value. The fact that this paddle is designed to not only develop control but power, as well as handling, gives it an edge over a lot of other paddles. And on top of that, the price tag is not one that will make a massive dent in your wallet.


  • Textured graphite face
  • Composite polymer honeycomb core
  • Extra-large head size
  • 7.7- 8.0 oz
  • Perforated cushion grip (size 4.25″)
  • non-slip grip

So when we’re looking at the features, one of the biggest that this pickleball paddle has to offer is the durable honeycomb composite polymer core. Not only does it enhance the paddle stability, but it makes it lightweight. Altogether, the product weighs in at just about 8 ounces, making it a great all-around for players of all levels of experience. The paddle’s mediumweight has a good hand, so it infills comfortably when hitting the balls. This combination of weight and quality control players have over the ball.

The head of this paddle measures in at 8.125.” This creates a larger sweet spot and a reduced chance of edge guard hitting. That is what helps any player average better shots no matter if they’re hitting off-center or not. The balanced weight of the paddle also helps relieve arm fatigue for long games while still being powerful enough to make the plays.

The face is designed with a textured graphite face so that the ball will have more spin and control during the game. Along with the textured face, the handle itself is designed with a non-slip grip. This gives the 4.75″ grip a more significant feel. On top of that, it’s comfortable to use because the handle was designed to fit almost all hands comfortably and will help prevent slipping during gameplay.

So the combination of that core and face is specifically one of the best things most find when looking at the features of this paddle. As we said above, it helps improve power and control, and that coupled with a larger sweet spot will definitely help your game. The inclusion of both of those materials also makes the paddle super durable, which means you can play hard for longer.

For those that are looking to have more comfort and control over their shots, the tacky grip is a great addition. We also love the weight of the paddle, which, much like the materials, helps with the power the player has when executing a shot. All that combined give this excellent pickleball paddle a lot of value, especially with such a budget-friendly price tag.

Now that being said, there are still a few issues that should be addressed before any final decision is made on investing in this pickleball paddle. Though the weight is great for a lot of players, for those that are younger and maybe just starting out, it still may be a little too heavy for them. 

Of course, this is a preferential thing, so it is not necessarily a universal fault. On a lesser note, the paddle does not come with a cover, so you will have to invest in one if you want to keep it protected when not in use.


  • Combination of polymer core and graphite face enhance power and control
  • The grip is designed with a tacky quote improved handling
  • Crafted with a medium weight which helps with the power of each shot
  • A larger head gives an increased sweet spot
  • The paddle is designed with durable material for longer life.
  • Price versus value outshines many of this paddles competitors


  • New players may find the weight a bit too heavy
  • Paddle does not come with a cover

Final Thoughts

So if you’re looking for a paddle that offers a larger head for a wider sweet spot as well as the building to enhance your control and power, this paddle could be a great choice for you. We certainly hope that our in-depth look at this pickleball paddle will help you in your decision-making process.