Top 5 Best Middleweight Pickleball Paddles in 2022

Middleweight pickleball paddles are great for different game styles, and many professional players who love the game prefer them. That is why they are so popular for dinking and other soft game styles to outwit the opponent for a better game outcome.

In this review, we take a closer look at these middleweight pickleball paddles and what they have to offer all types of players. We will provide you with a list of the best of them and great tips on how to choose a pickleball paddle that suits you.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and see how to choose the right paddle that will help you in your future gameplay.

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Why Choose a Middleweight Pickleball Paddle?

This is a good question, and many points must be considered when choosing a pickleball paddle, and the weight is one of them. Weight will significantly impact your overall gameplay, which is a valid consideration for all level players of the game.

Middleweight pickleball paddles are great for beginners but will also benefit expert players to choose the right playing style for their overall game. These paddles are great for control and power and provide a combination of both these features in one paddle for your convenience.

They are great for serves and powerful serve returns without putting in too much effort or swinging your shots very fast. It will also be a great paddle for those dinking shots when you suddenly change over to a softer game to outwit the opponent.

How To Choose a Pickleball Paddle

It is not easy for beginner players to choose the right pickleball paddle with so many options available. We will provide you with the much-needed knowledge to make a good choice when it comes to choosing the right paddle.

There are also so many different types of paddles in different weight classes, so you need to know what you need for the game. We will focus more on the versatile middleweight pickleball paddles that will take you to the higher levels of the popular game.

Also included with this information peace is everything you need to know about the different specifications and how that can influence your game. And you will be able to tell how the different types of materials used in pickleball paddles will change your gameplay.

Types Of Pickleball Paddles

When choosing the right type of pickleball paddle, there are a number of things you need to know about the construction of these paddles. We take a look at the weight factor and how that will have an impact on your gameplay in general.

Then we will also consider the length and overall size of the paddle to see what type of impact it will have on you. Another element in the construction of pickleball paddles is the many different types of materials used when manufacturing them.

Last but not least, we take a look at the grip size and type of handle used with pickleball paddles. You will be surprised to know that even this small feature may have a considerable impact on your overall gameplay.

Pickleball Paddle Weight Classes

There are three main weight classes for pickleball paddles: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight paddles for different types of gameplay. We will investigate each of these classes to see what effect it may have on the game and you as a person.

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Lightweight paddles weigh in at 7.2 ounces and less and are great to use for better control of the ball. Another advantage of lightweight paddles is that you have a much faster response time, especially when you are closer to the net.

For those who have just started playing this game, a lightweight paddle is the best option for better wrist action. Lightweight paddles have one major disadvantage: they will expose your arm and elbow to a lot of stress and vibration.

Usually, when you pick a lightweight paddle, it provides you with more control over your shots and over the ball. For those people who have problems with their elbows, these lightweight paddles may not be a good idea for them.

Middleweight Pickleball Paddles

This weight class of pickleball paddles will provide you with a combination of power and control in one single package for your convenience. These paddles are great for more powerful serves and returns without a fast swing and putting in too much power into your shots.

On the other hand, it will also provide you with a softer ball return for those sneaky dink shots closer to the net. This is a good option for players who migrate to this sport from tennis, where you do not need that much wrist action.

It is also a good choice for those who are prone to elbow problems where a little more weight helps to absorb the vibration. While they help absorb the energy from shocks, it adds more weight, which may also impact fatiguing your arm faster.

Middleweight pickleball paddles weigh in at 7.3 ounces and up to 8.4 ounces.

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddles

The heavyweight paddles weigh from 8.5 ounces to 9.5 ounces, but there are heavier ones. Most of the time, those pickleball paddles heavier than 9.5 ounces are made from wood, but there are exceptions to the rule.

Players with a slow swing will benefit from the heavy pickleball paddles to increase power and generate more pop with the ball. For those who love to play a power game, like in the case of singles, this will be a good choice of paddle.

There is also much less finesse and dinking at the net in single-player games, so the heavyweight paddle is ideal for them. A downside with heavy paddles is that they may cause you to become tired much faster and have an impact on your game.

Summing It Up

You can see that the weight of your pickleball paddle will have a significant impact on your overall gameplay for all types of players. Lighter paddles are favorable for weaker and smaller players and those who play with finesse and softer sneaky shots.

Heavier weight paddles are meant for older players and those who love to play power games and have slower swings. The middleweight paddles give you more speed while not sacrificing too much power for the best of both worlds.

Length and Size Of the Pickleball Paddle

There are specific rules laid down regarding the overall size and length of pickleball paddles in general. According to USAPA rules, a pickleball paddle may not exceed 24 inches, and that includes all of its parts, from butt cap to edge guard.

This includes the combined width and length of the pickleball paddle, so if it is longer, it should be narrower to fit in the specs. The overall combination of length and width of the paddle without the handle cannot exceed 17 inches in total.

A good size that will not exceed the 24 inches overall size is 8×16 inches for short paddles and 5×19 inches for longer paddles. These typical sizes will help to give you a larger hitting area and optimal balance for better gameplay and overall performance.

There are no limits on the thickness of the paddle, but you should keep in mind that the thicker the paddle, the heavier it is. Pickleball paddles that are not made to specifications by commercial manufacturers are not allowed, so homemade paddles are not allowed.

A larger hitting surface will allow a much more generous sweet spot to increase the overall control of the ball for different shots. A longer paddle allows better reach for the low surface balls and prevents easy passes for a better game outcome.

Materials Used With Pickleball Paddles

Many different types of materials are used to manufacture pickleball paddles that have different effects on the player in general. Different materials are used to make the hitting surface, and in most cases, different materials are used to make the core of the paddle.

The face and the core materials will have varying effects on the paddle and on your gameplay. But let’s take a look at these materials and what type of impact they may have on your game and overall style.

Materials used With the Face


Wood is the material used for many years in pickleball paddles and is quite heavy. They are also durable to last longer. For hitting strength and overall durability, plywood is mainly used in wood pickleball paddles and is used by beginners and power players.

Because wood is also much cheaper than most of the materials used, it is also widely used in schools and clubs for practicing. Because they are pretty heavy, wood paddles will easily tire your wrist and arm while playing the game.


This material is the cheapest to use when manufacturing pickleball paddles and is mostly used to make the hitting surface. Fiberglass is not as strong as the other types of materials, but it tends to last a long time and is excellent for practicing.

Weaker players may not prefer this type of material because of the weight added to the pickleball paddle. Fiberglass paddles are not the most popular paddles out there, but older beginner players favor them with slower swing speed.


Professional players favor this type of paddle because of the increased ball control you have with them. Graphite is lightweight and can be used with most core materials to make it a versatile choice for a pickleball paddle.

Paddles made from this material are accurate and consistent and, when paired with an edge guard, will increase the hitting surface. These factors will help to improve overall gameplay and be great for players playing with finesse, like dinking shots at the net.


Polymer is a mixture of plastic and resin and is one of the most durable materials while also lightweight. Paddles made from this material are popular among amateur players and beginners who want to advance to the more advanced levels.

Because these paddles are lightweight, they are popular among younger and weaker players to prevent early fatigue. Polymer paddles are also not as loud as most paddles and can be used with many different core materials for a better weight factor.


Using different types of materials means you have only the best characteristics in the paddle for much better performance. These paddles are also the most expensive and are used by professional players for the different features included with them.

These materials are also strong and durable and will help the pickleball paddle last much longer. Most medium-weight paddles are made from this material to give you the best of both and make them durable for better overall performance.

Materials Used For the Core


This is a strong material used in pickleball paddle cores to provide a hard-hitting option for power players. High levels of accuracy, control, and even more power can be achieved with these paddles made with an aluminum core.

Even though they are strong, paddles made with an aluminum core may dent easier, and that might not be so good for you. When this core is used with a fiberglass paddle, all these features will significantly improve your gameplay.


Paddles with this core are quite loud because they do not have a cushioning effect that can be found in other materials. But they are flexible and durable while it is also lightweight and sturdy to help increase overall ball control and better accuracy.

Nomex cores are used in combination with graphite or composite paddles to provide you with more control and finesse in the game. This core material is dense with a small honeycomb structure to provide stability, better power shots, and softer gameplay.


This is a relatively new type of material that is used in the construction of pickleball paddles for a lightweight design. It will also add durability to the paddle, and this material is also quite flexible for much softer gameplay.

A more flexible paddle will allow more bounce for the ball, increasing the overall speed of your deliveries and return shots. Better contact with the ball is achieved due to the cushioning effect and the softer surface, making it less reactive.

Grip Size

To be able to play the game for many hours, you need to have a convenient grip that will not tire you too quickly. The universal paddle type used on most pickleball paddles and tennis rackets is a good choice, to begin with.

You must be able to hold the grip in your hand without your fingers overlapping your palm and pinching yourself while playing. A method to find the right size is to hold the grip in your hand, and there should be a space the size of your finger.

If there is a space less than your index finger, it is too small, and a much larger space means the paddle is too large. It is better to have a too-thin grip size than too thick; you can increase the size with an overgrip until it is correct.

Pickleball paddle grips come in six different sizes that range from 4 inches and up to 4 and five-eights of an inch. The length of pickleball paddles ranges from 4 inches and up to 6 inches, although there are some grips of 6.1 inches.

Shorter grips are suitable for those who want to play wristy shots, and longer ones are good for those who play power shots.

Top 5 Best Middleweight Pickleball Paddles

It is time to look at the best middleweight pickleball paddles and what they have to offer to all levels of players. In this line, we look at a wide range of brands to see what features they have and how they will improve your game.

It is always a good idea to compare different paddles in the same weight class for a complete picture. This will help determine what you want to look for, and it will also help you choose a brand that will stay with you.

You need a paddle that suits your personal style and preferences when it comes to pickleball because of the game’s fast pace. Use the time you have now wisely and find the right paddle so you will have no regrets when you are on the court.

1. Onix Graphite Z5

Onix is a widely used brand among pickleball players worldwide. With this flagship paddle, you will not be disappointed. It comes with all the necessary features to make your gameplay more fun while playing your best game on the court.

The Graphite Z5 is made with control and speed in mind, while it also does not sacrifice too much power for strong hitters. It will also help to have more control over the ball, so you can easily adapt to the pace of the game.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

The Onix Graphite Z5 is versatile and strong to make it suitable to be used by both professional and amateur players for the best performance.


  • A graphite face included with this paddle helps to give you more control while playing a fast and soft game
  • With a medium weight of 8.2 ounces, this paddle will provide the best of both power and control
  • The classic wide body shape of the paddle provides you with a large generous sweet spot
  • With a long list of colors to choose from, there is a paddle for everyone
  • The Nomex honeycomb core makes it light for easy, fast shots

It is a great paddle for beginners with an affordable price tag attached to it.


  • This is a quiet pickleball paddle
  • Comes with a large sweet spot included
  • It is lightweight enough to easily swing it
  • There are many different colors to choose from


  • This paddle is not powerful for power players
  • It doesn’t come with a non-slip grip included

Final Thoughts

The feel and look of this pickleball paddle from Onix make it versatile and ideal for slow and fast-paced games.

2. PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro

With so many great paddles from this manufacturer, it is difficult to choose just one of them for yourself. But this middleweight pickleball paddle will take you all the way with all the great features included to improve your game.

The overall design of the Tempest Wave Pro from PaddleTek makes it a fun piece of equipment to play the game. But that is not all! It also comes with a versatility that makes this paddle an excellent choice for beginners and professionals out there.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

This pickleball paddle comes with incredible responsiveness and control, and that makes it ideal to be used by all levels of players.


  • The textured graphite face of this paddle provides excellent control for different shots played
  • With two different grip options, a thinner grip and a thicker one, you will be able to play your own type of game
  • With a lot of power and control, it will allow you to perform much better in the game
  • A superior build makes this paddle durable to last for many games
  • It is powerful and crisp to allow more control and also just enough spin

With so many great features, you will be able to take your game to the next level with far more favorable outcomes.


  • Comes with a very large hit zone
  • You have two handle options to choose from
  • It is an accurate and powerful paddle
  • Top-quality materials used in construction


  • It comes with a high price tag attached
  • A bit soft for power players

Final Thoughts

What you need to become good at the game is a paddle that allows you to do so, and that is what you get.

3. Engage Poach Advantage

Design and functionality are what you get with this pickleball paddle provided by Engage with a nice middleweight form factor. Many other features are included with this paddle that will help your gameplay in general and help to improve in different aspects.

With an overall comfortable grip and paddle design, you will easily improve your overall gameplay in the different aspects of the game. Even though it comes with a high price tag attached, it is a good investment for those who want to become better at the game.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

This paddle will be ideal for those who want to play the soft side of the game and for improved overall performance.


  • This paddle from Engage is approved to be used in USAPA sanctioned tournaments, making it a professional paddle
  • Unparalleled ball control is achieved with up to 6 layers of skin on the face for ease of play
  • With a larger than normal size of the paddle, you also have a large sweet spot for better reach
  • With an average size grip of around 5 inches, it will help to improve wrist control as well

With the combination of better ball control and easy playing, this paddle is perfect for everyday use on the court.


  • Great for beginners and professional players
  • A very accurate and consistent pickleball paddle
  • Very adaptable to every aspect of the game
  • Strong and durable construction to last longer


  • Not a lot of blast power for backshots
  • Only three colors to choose from

Final Thoughts

If you want to take your game to the next level, this paddle will help you do just that with so many advanced features.

4. Prince Response Pro

This pickleball paddle from Prince comes in different weight classes making it quite a versatile model from this popular brand. The middleweight paddle comes included with a wide range of features that will benefit different level players for improved gameplay.

Prince Response Pro

This is an all-around pickleball paddle that can be used by beginners and expert players of the game for better performance. It comes with reasonable shock absorption to prevent your elbow from hurting after a long day of play on the court.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

This paddle is ideal for different levels of players, and entry-level players may benefit the most from it. Power players also may benefit more from this pickleball paddle with the responsive core included with it to improve all your shots.


  • More energy is transferred into the ball, with a sizeable sweet spot included with this paddle
  • With the progressive core technology used in this paddle, it is ideal for different play styles of the game
  • The extra thick honeycomb core allows dispersing the impact energy over a wider area of the surface
  • For faster and stronger shots, the core will also react to the shot while it accentuates the power

With this pickleball paddle, you will not need to sacrifice power for control with the great features included with it.


  • This paddle comes with a lot of power
  • A pinpoint accurate pickleball paddle
  • Great new core technology used
  • Very easy to maneuver and handle


  • May be too soft for velocity shots
  • A bit small grip for larger hands

Final Thoughts

The versatility of this paddle makes it ideal to use for different aspects of the game and especially for those playing with finesse.

5. TMPR Sports Tantrum GXT

The overall quality and great design are what you get from the manufacturer of these pickleball paddles for beginner and professional players. It is made for style and functionality while you are moving around at a great pace on the court.

The overall feel of this paddle puts it in a class of its own with a professional design and construction for better gameplay. With the larger surface, you will be able to achieve better reach for even the low surface balls to prevent an easy pass.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

The overall feel and design make this paddle great for the beginner players out there who intend to go to higher levels of the game.


  • An extra soft touch is achieved with the graphite face for better control of the ball
  • The rounded shape provides better aerodynamics and easy control over all of your shots
  • Much better control with the lightweight core to easily reach those quick balls coming at you
  • Vibration dampening will absorb most of the energy from shocks to protect your elbow and wrist
  • With the large size of this paddle, you will be able to have a much better reach and better outcome of the game

The elongated shape of this paddle improves overall gameplay with better reach and control.


  • Well balanced and good construction
  • Easy to use for different types of shots
  • Comfortable grip for longer gameplay
  • It has a better reach with the larger overall size


  • The surface is a bit too smooth
  • It does not have a generous sweet spot

Final Thoughts

This pickleball paddle is ideal for different aspects and the many different styles of the game, making it a versatile and functional paddle.

Best Brands

There are many different brands of pickleball paddles to choose from, and they all come with their unique characteristics. That is what makes it so difficult to choose the right brand and whether you should go for expensive popular brands.

Luckily for us, these very popular pickleball paddles are available with decent price tags attached to them to make them available to everyone. This will help the beginner to be able to compete much better in this fast-paced game.

Following is a list of the most popular brands of pickleball paddles with decent price tags and great features included.

  • PaddleTek
  • Onix
  • Engage
  • TMPR Sports
  • Prince
  • Selkirk
  • Rally
  • Gamma
  • Gearbox

These are some of the most popular and best brands out there but not the only ones available on the market.


Following is a list of the popular questions asked when it comes to choosing a pickleball paddle that will suit you. This will allow you to become knowledgeable so you can make an educated decision when buying a paddle to help improve your game.

But, let’s not waste time and go right to the quotations to find the right paddle to have more fun in this fast-paced game.

What Type of Pickleball Paddle Should I Choose?

The weaker and smaller beginner players should opt for lightweight paddles to help them have better ball control. While weight is one of the most important factors for pickleball paddles, you should always keep that in mind.

Medium-weight paddles are a good choice for those players who want to advance all the way to the top levels of the game.

Should I Choose a Long Paddle Or a Normal Paddle?

Many medium-weight paddles come with elongated faces to provide a larger hitting surface and better reach for those tricky shots. Longer paddles will also be a bit narrower than other paddles, which may decrease the sweet spot size available on your pickleball paddle.

It is a good idea to test the paddle you favor before buying it to see if it is right for you and will help in your overall gameplay. A normal-sized paddle is preferred most of the time because of the sweet spot size you get.

Life Expectancy of a Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball paddles are typically made from durable materials that will make your equipment last for up to two to three years. It will all depend on the frequency you use the paddle; if you use it every day, it will not last that long.

For those people who only use it for recreational purposes, their pickleball paddles will last much longer than the expected time.

How Often Should I Change Paddles?

Professional players who practice daily will usually replace their pickleball paddles every year and some even sooner. The paddles of amateur players will last much longer; therefore, they only need to be replaced every other year or so.

It also depends on the type of material that is used in the construction of the paddle; wood paddles will last for many years. Other types of paddles may last only a year, while the more expensive ones, like the composite paddles, will last much longer.

Is it a Good Idea To Play With Your Favorite Paddle?

It is only natural to use a paddle that feels just right and fits comfortably in your hand, and might just become your go-to paddle. It is also better to find a favorite paddle so you can focus more on your gameplay than worrying about the paddle.

In order for you to play your best game while having fun, it is necessary to find the right paddle to play with. It is also important to practice as often as possible with the paddle you will play the game with.

This will enhance your game skills and help you have a more favorable outcome of the game every time you play. So if you prefer to play with your favorite paddle, then you should do just that for your best performance on the court.


You can see that the most popular pickleball paddles are those that provide you with the best of control and power in the game. That is exactly what you get by playing with medium-weight pickleball paddles for better gameplay and more fun in the game.

So, go out there and find the paddle that will suit you the most and become the best player you can be.