Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles for Kids in 2022

With pickleball becoming more popular than ever before and kids also starting to practice the sport, you need a good paddle. With new developments in this sport and the launching of junior programs, it is proof that kids also need professional equipment.

Finding the best pickleball paddle for kids is not that easy, but rest assured, we will help you find what you need. So to save you all the time you would spend on finding one, we made a list of the best pickleball paddles for kids.

We also have amazing facts that will help you make the right choice and find the right pickleball paddle for your youngsters.

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How To Choose a Pickleball Paddle

There are many factors to consider when it comes to picking the right pickleball paddle for kids. Even kids with experience sometimes have a problem finding the right paddle that suits their style and personal preferences.

Staying up to date with the newest technology and other crucial facts is necessary for every pickleball player to perform at their best. Pickleball is quite an entertaining game that requires not just fitness but also a great deal of skill and precision.

To be thrown off from your best game performance because of inadequate equipment is the last thing you need when playing professionally. You can see that the pickleball paddle is the most important piece of equipment you are going to choose to enjoy the game.

There are so many new paddles available on the market these days that you will have to be careful to buy the right one. It is easy to be pulled in by the persuasion techniques of a good salesperson, ending up with something you do not need.

So to be able to find what you want, armor yourself with the necessary knowledge before you purchase a pickleball paddle. Following are some of the more important facts you need to know when you are looking for a paddle that best suits your needs.

Weight Of the Pickleball Paddle

A very important factor when it comes to choosing a pickleball paddle is the weight, which will determine many things. First of all, it will determine how the paddle feels when you pick it up in your hand, whether too light or too heavy.

It will also determine how well you will be able to swing the paddle when you want to hit the ball. The weight of your paddle will also determine how long you will be able to swing it before you start to feel fatigued.

Pickleball paddles made to be used by kids are basically the same size as those made for adults but somewhat lighter. The preferred junior weight of a pickleball paddle is set at around seven ounces and lighter, according to the USAPA rules.

Lightweight paddles are much easier to control and allow kids to swing them without using too much force. The lighter weight will also help to improve accuracy and consistency, allowing them to perform much better while playing the game, especially in tournaments.

Pickleball paddles weighing around six and a half to six point nine ounces are the ideal weight for kids. Also, keep in mind that many kids feel more comfortable with the middle-weight paddles that weigh seven ounces and even a little bit more.

It is good practice to feel the weight and test the paddle by swinging it a few times before you commit to buying one.

Pickleball Paddle Size

It is not always necessary to buy a smaller pickleball paddle for young players, as long as they are lighter. Many paddles made for kids come in the same size as those used by adult pickleball players.

When shopping for a pickleball paddle, it is better to focus more on the overall weight and grip size than the paddle size. As long as the kid feels comfortable with the weight, it does not matter if it is a bit large (adult size).

Pickleball paddles are not all made the same; some focus on better control while others focus more on power. Pickleball paddles have an average length of fifteen and a half to seventeen inches with a width of seven to eight and quarter inches.

The sizes mentioned here are the maximum length and width of standard pickleball paddles, and most do not deviate much from those measurements. As you can see, it is not that important what size paddle you use as long as you assure it is the proper weight for your style.

According to the rules, the sum of the width and length of the pickleball paddle should not exceed twenty-four inches. They are either short and wide or long and narrow, while the shorter ones are for beginners and longer ones for expert players.

The size of the pickleball paddle will depend on what skill level you are playing to perform at the top of your game.

Materials Used With Pickleball Paddles

You may hear of many different types of materials used in the manufacturing of pickleball paddles, But what does it mean to you? We take a look at the different materials and how they may impact overall use and performance.

Most pickleball paddles are made with a composite structure, meaning that the core and surface are not made from the same materials. Paddles are made in this way to provide better durability as well as better control, while some materials work better together than others.

Surface Materials

The face of pickleball paddles is generally made up of up to four materials, and they all have different attributes.

Fiberglass: This is the most common and also the most affordable material used in the manufacturing of pickleball paddles. They may not be as strong as the other materials but will provide considerably more power to your shots, with a distinct ‘pop’ sound.

This material may be weaker, but it is also a bit heavier than other materials and might not be the best choice for younger kids.

Carbon Fibre: With a carbon fiber pickleball paddle, you may lose a little bit of power, but it is so much more durable. This type of material is not widely used, but it may make the paddle much lighter and is suitable for kids.

Carbon fiber paddles are also the most expensive ones and are used if you want more control over your shots.

Graphite: This is also quite a common material used in pickleball paddles and will provide a great deal of control for kids. It can be paired with almost any type of core material, offers great responsiveness, and is light, which is great for beginners.

Even though it is a solid material to use, you may lose a little bit of power for weaker shots, which may influence overall performance.

Wood: This is by far the heaviest material used in the manufacturing of pickleball paddles and might be a bit heavy for kids. These paddles may weigh at least 10 ounces, while some of them are even heavier and may cause fatigue for weaker players.

You may also have much more power with wood paddles, but you lose considerable control with your shots, which you do not want. Wood paddles are not only the cheapest option due to the material used; they are also quite durable and last for a long time.

Core Materials

Professional pickleball players say that it does matter what the core of your paddle is made of and that it will impact your game. We will take a closer look at what type of materials are used in the core and what impact they may have on you.

The core of the paddle is constructed using a honeycomb structure to provide empty cells, losing some of the weight but retaining strength. Some of these core materials can also be used with different types of surface materials to provide you with much better game performance.

Nomex: This material used for the paddle’s core is quite durable and has a much denser core with a smaller honeycomb structure. Nomex core paddles are also louder than others and give you much better control, but you will lose a bit of power.

You will still maintain a great deal of power with this core material because of its hardness, and it is also lightweight. A Nomex core can easily be combined with graphite to create better control or fiberglass for that distinct ‘pop.’

Aluminum: This material is just as strong as Nomex and is also made with a honeycomb structure for increased durability. Because of the weight and density of these paddles, they do not have as much power as you may find with other materials.

Unfortunately, these paddles may easily dent when used with a lot of power strokes and are quite noisy. You do have more control with these paddles, and because of the lighter weight, it will be a great core for kids.

Polymer: The most popular paddles used with pickleball are those made from polymer materials, with a much larger honeycomb cell. The larger cell means the pickleball paddles made with this core will be lightweight and much softer than other materials.

These paddles are strong, flexible, and very durable to last for a long time; they are also lightweight and ideal for kids. You will have a decent amount of power and great control with your shots that will help to improve your performance while also preventing fatigue.

Polymer pickleball paddles are softer, so they will be much quieter, and they come in a large variety of combinations of materials.

Wood: Pickleball paddles with wood cores are generally more robust and can be used by entry-level players for better overall game performance. Wood core paddles are also less expensive and offer much less playability, and are quite heavy for comfortable use.

For those who just started out playing pickleball, the wooden core will be the best, considering they are cost-effective and will last longer. As you advance with the game, you can always consider other types of materials for the core of your paddle.

Grip Size

When it comes to pickleball, the grip size and style will considerably impact your overall game performance. Because the game is so fast, you would want to stick mostly with a continental-style grip throughout the game.

Most pickleball paddles are made with a continental grip or a variation of it to help improve your general gameplay. The size of a pickleball grip will depend on the size of your hand; a comfortable grip will be mostly your concern.

The circumference of the grip should be a comfortable size so your hand can easily encircle it to feel comfortable. With the length of the grip, there are certain factors that come into play; the longer, the heavier the paddle will be.

A smaller or shorter grip size, on the other hand, will allow much better wrist action for better control of your strokes. Testing for the right grip size, you should be able to fold your hand around it without the finger points touching your hand.

If the circumference of the grip is too small, you can add an overgrip to your paddle grip so you can hold it more comfortably. Pickleball paddles come in different sizes ranging from four to four and a half inches, making it easy to choose the right size.

Top 5 Pickleball Paddles for Kids

With all the information provided in the guide, we can now look at the top 5 pickleball paddles and judge for ourselves. You should keep in mind that when you choose a paddle for your kid, they may just become addicted to it!

This means you must select the correct paddle that may be useful not only for now but also for future use in case they want to play professionally. Each one of these great pickleball paddles we are looking at has its own set of features that need to be considered.

Looking at the great features may help you choose the right paddle for your kid to help improve their game and the fun factor. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a closer look at these best pickleball paddles made especially for kids.

1. Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

When your kid wants to get on the court to play the game, they want to have the best paddle available for them. This is the case with the paddle provided by Gamma Sports to give your child the edge they need for best performance.

This brand has been on the market for quite some time and has lots of experience making the right equipment. Bringing that to the court in the form of their paddles provides you the opportunity to play your best game.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

These paddles are best suitable for the entry-level player to give them the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. But the excellent design of this pickleball paddle makes it a fun piece of equipment to be used by all kids.


  • Made with a textured fiberglass surface
  • A durable edge guard included to protect the paddle
  • Comes with a firm honeycomb grip for better control
  • This paddle meets USAPA specifications

The construction of this paddle makes it great to be used both indoors and outdoors; it also provides excellent control over your strokes. The aramid honeycomb core offers power and control to a certain extent so that you can play your game with self-confidence.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • A crisp feel with textured face
  • The mid-weight makes it suitable for different players
  • Comes with an excellent edgeless design


  • You may not have a lot of power
  • There is no protective cover included

Final Thoughts

This is a great paddle with excellent overall performance, and the price is also a plus point when buying this for a beginner player.

2. Ulaoul Pickleball Paddle Set

For peace of mind, you need to have the right equipment to step on the court and play your game without hesitation. The long-lasting quality of these paddles is what you need for your kids or grandkids for fun and professional pickleball playing.

Top-quality is what you get with pickleball paddles made by this company to provide you with peace of mind when playing. Great technology is used to construct the paddles to make them durable and last for a long time.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

Designed to be lightweight and robust, these paddles are great for the complete beginner of the game and for professional playing as well. They are designed to be used by the weaker players, so they don’t get fatigued too quickly. It’s also great for those playing the whole day.


  • You get two paddles included with this set
  • The non-slippery grip will help to prevent errors
  • A polymer core makes it lightweight  and strong
  • Great protection with the storage sleeve included

The polymer honeycomb core of this paddle makes it lightweight and ideal to be used by those players who love complete control. With a carbon fiber surface, you can significantly improve your overall game with a lot of power added to your strokes.


  • Strong and durable design for longevity
  • It comes with a smooth and seamless finish
  • Can be used by all types of players
  • There are two additional grips included


  • It may be a bit heavy for weakest players
  • No extra colors to choose from

Final Thoughts

These pickleball paddles provided by Ulaoul come with an excellent design and provide great control for much better overall gameplay. It is overall a great paddle for children players.

3. Uteeqe Pickleball Paddle Set

Kids who want to enter this exciting sport need a reliable piece of equipment to learn and play at a higher level. These quality paddles from Uteeqe will give them that edge for long-lasting gameplay and a lot of fun with a satisfying career.

With the USAPA approved pickleball paddles provided by Uteeqe, you have quality and fun in one single package for your kids. This brand offers excellent quality and innovative design to your paddles for an improved user experience for all types of players.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

These paddles are designed with kids in mind, and that is who they are meant for. But the paddles are not limited to use for kids. They’re also suited to anyone interested in becoming efficient in the game and playing on a much higher level.


  • Two paddles and four balls are included with this set
  • Great spin control is achieved with the rough surface design
  • A polymer core makes it a versatile paddle for better game performance
  • The light-weight, protective sleeve provides excellent protection for your equipment

Strong and durable is what you see and feel when you pick this paddle up to play the game you like so much. You can feel the power and control combination when you start swinging it, making it a very competitive paddle for pickleball.


  • Power and control combined in a single paddle
  • A safe non-slip grip is attached to it
  • The unique design makes it great for many player types
  • Strong and long-lasting is what you get


  • No paddle covers
  • A short grip

Final Thoughts

The ultra-lightweight design of this pickleball paddle makes it great to be used by all levels of younger players.

4. B Branton Graphite Pickelball Set

If your kid is interested in going professional with pickleball, this set of paddles is what they will need to go all the way. With everything included in this set, you will save a lot of money by not needing to buy extra equipment later.

This brand comes a long way with pickleball paddles, and just mentioning the name will instill peace of mind and trust. This is because of the overall high-quality product you get from this company to help your kid have fun with this game.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

The simple answer is these paddles are made for kids and those who just want to play the game and have fun all the way. This set is also designed for use both inside and outdoors, so everybody can just enjoy the game all year round.


  • The three indoor and three outdoor balls included makes it a versatile set
  • With a full coverage carry bag included, your equipment is safe and protected
  • Included in the set are two pickleball paddles so you can easily practice

With the graphite core of these pickleball paddles, you will have both power and control when you head onto the court. The lightweight overall construction makes it easy to use these paddles to play for a long time without getting too tired.


  •  A lot of extras included with this pickleball set
  • Nice design for better control
  • Very easy grip 
  • Beautiful design for better display


  • 8 ounces is a bit heavy
  • The grip may wear easily

Final Thoughts

The complete set is just what you need for an entry-level player to have all the equipment ready to start playing.

5. Engage Encore Pickleball Paddle

All of us want just the best for our kids, which is particularly true when they play and take part in any type of sport. You will do just that when you go for this paddle for your kid to provide them with the best out there.

Engage Pickleball Encore Pickleball Paddle Pink Fade Light, 6.7-7.35 oz

Engage is a brand that is connected with many different types of sports and even more so specifically with pickleball. The Encore pickleball paddle comes with many great features included to help you in your game.

Who Is This Pickleball Paddle For?

This paddle is for every kid who wants to play the pickleball game for fun or play professionally. But it is not just for kids; this is a versatile paddle that can be used by adults to play a professional game of pickleball.


  • Made from fiberglass with a polymer core makes it a versatile paddle
  • The ideal grip size makes it suitable for versatile playing options
  • Overall design makes it a paddle to be used by beginner and expert players

The overall length of this paddle makes it ideal to be used by kids on all the different levels, from beginner to league games. Even though it is a bit high-priced, the quality design and construction make it an excellent investment for expert playing.


  • This is a quiet and powerful paddle
  • Very strong construction for durability
  • Can be used by both kids and adults
  • Firm grip for better comfort


  • Just one paddle included
  • Not many color options to choose from

Final Thoughts

This is the pickleball paddle you need if you are just starting playing the game and want to go all the way to the top.

Best Brands

There is a long list of excellent brands when it comes to pickleball paddles, but there are a few that really stand out. Following is a list of some of the brands that are popular in pickleball circles.

Engage: Engage is a brand trusted by many professional pickleball players out there to use their paddles. They have an extensive range of different style paddles to choose from that will help improve your game and suit your preferences. 

Gamma: This is another well-known manufacturer of pickleball paddles, and they also have a wide range of paddles to choose from. The paddles provided by this company can be used for many different styles and configurations of the game.

B Branton: This company makes paddles that kids can use to play the game and have a lot of fun. 


To choose the right paddle for playing pickleball, you need to be prepared before entering the huge market. We will take a look at some of the questions that you may want to ask before you make a final choice for your paddle.

This will help to save you time and money to make the right choice the first time you buy a pickleball paddle for your kids. It will also help you to ask the right questions and get the correct answers from an over-eager salesperson.

So let’s dive in and find out all we can about pickleball paddles and which one will be the best for your kids.

What Type of Pickleball Paddle Should I Choose?

When choosing a pickleball paddle, there are many things you need to consider and take a closer look at. First of all, you need to look at the grip size of the paddle and see if it fits comfortably in your hand.

The second thing you need to feel is if the weight will be good for you. Keep in mind that you may play for a long time without rest and do not want to get tired easily while playing.

With the handle length of the paddle, you need to make sure it is not too long for you to execute specialized strokes. A shorter handle may be better for quick and fluid wrist movements without tiring out your wrists.

Do you want to play power strokes or enjoy better control? Then you will need a lighter paddle to do that. The paddles made from more lightweight materials might be the ones you need for enhanced control without too much power.

The paddle’s sweet spot is also essential, and different paddles come with different sweet spots, so you need to find the right one. The price of the paddle may also be a consideration if you only need it for recreational purposes for your kids.

What is the Life Expectancy Of a Pickleball Paddle

Different materials come with different life expectancies, such as wood, which is a long-lasting material, while plastic may not last that long. It all depends on the purpose of buying the paddle for your kids and where it will be used.

If they just want to play the game for fun, you only need to buy a paddle that does not need to last a lifetime. The average entry-level pickleball paddle will normally last for about one year to up to three years.

It all will depend on how often you use the pickleball paddle and in what conditions they are used. Some paddles are made from long-lasting materials that can be used outdoors, while others are made to be used indoors.

How the paddle is stored when not in use will also affect the life expectancy, so you need to take care of it to make it last longer.

How Often Should I Change Pickleball Paddles?

For those who play only once or twice a week, you can expect a good pickleball paddle to last three to four years. But if you play in tournaments, this is an entirely different story, so you may want to replace it more often.

Modern types of paddles can last for quite some time as the composite materials used are very strong and durable. It may last up to three years for recreational players, but those who play daily may need to replace it every year or so.

Another factor that comes into play is whether you play outdoors or indoors, where the outdoors is less forgiving than indoors. So if you play a fast-paced game outdoors and practice daily, you will often replace your pickleball paddle.

As you can see, the average life expectancy is about three years, but many factors play a role in how often you need replacement.

Weight Class Of Pickleball Paddles

Many professional pickleball players say that the weight of your paddle is the most important factor when selecting a paddle. Pickleball paddles may range from six ounces and up to fourteen ounces; lighter paddles will cause much less fatigue.

The following is an estimation of the weight classes when it comes to pickleball paddles that are used in professional games. The general consensus is that children and small, weaker adults typically use lightweight paddles. They are also suitable for those with health problems.

Women tend to use medium-weight paddles and men heavy-weight paddles, but some may use lighter or heavier paddles based on personal preference.

Lightweight: These are paddles that weigh less than 7.2 ounces.

Medium-weight: Paddles that weigh 7.3 and up to 8.4 ounces are considered medium-weight.

Heavy-weight: All pickleball paddles of 8.5 ounces and heavier are heavy-weight paddles.

Is it a Good Idea To Play With Your Favorite Pickleball Paddle?

It is good to practice with the same weight and size pickleball paddle you use for professional games. This will help you stay on top of every facet of the game, and you will be used to your type and style of paddle.

If you practice with a lighter paddle, you may come short when playing professionally, and you get tired after playing for a long time. It might also be a good idea to practice with a heavier paddle than you usually play the game with for better dexterity.

But not all people agree with this, and they just keep practicing with their standard paddle to become better and have more control. The best thing you can do is to practice indoor and outdoor games on a regular schedule to become better and faster.

What Opportunities Are There In Pickleball For Kids?

With pickleball becoming more popular and more kids getting involved in the game, the opportunities are becoming even more interesting. Pickleball scholarships may be offered to those kids performing exceptionally in the game at a very early age.

Pickleball is a family sport and can be practiced by everyone in the family, so opportunities may arise for better players. It is also quite an easy game to play; therefore, more kids are playing it and becoming proficient in the game.

Another great thing is that the equipment for pickleball is much more affordable compared to other sports, and the courts are also much smaller. Some schools and universities also offer scholarships for pickleball that could be an opportunity for kids to enroll in their school of choice.


There is much to say about this up-and-coming family sport while many kids are entering the professional arena. This makes it the sport of the future that is affordable and accessible to many children.

It is a good idea to do thorough research of the equipment for this sport, and the paddle is the most crucial piece. Hopefully, this article and review will help you find the right paddle that will allow your child to advance to higher levels of playing this wonderful sport. Use what you’ve learned here to determine what pickleball paddle will suit your child the best and encourage them to have fun while becoming better at the sport.