Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle with Honeycomb Grip Review

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality paddle, you should consider the products offered by leading brands. One of our favorites is Gamma, which has been around for more than six decades, manufacturing pickleball paddles for novice players and professionals alike.

The product that we particularly like is the Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle with Honeycomb Grip, advertised for the explicit control, touch, and power that it offers. Most importantly, it is middle-weight and simple to maneuver.

To help you with your decision, we’ve prepared a thorough review, covering the main features, pros, and cons. Let’s get started!

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Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

Available in a variety of designs, including Compass, Long-Handle, Jester, Classic Black, and a few others, this pickleball will capture your attention firstly for its aesthetic appeal. It is considered to be a middle-weight paddle, set at around 7.6 ounces and made suitable for beginners as well as more experienced pickleball players. Its highlighting feature is the large cell core that allows for a wider sweet spot, ensuring that you can enjoy the game while producing little to no noise.

In addition to that, the Gamma NeuCore Pickleball is made to meet the USAPA standards, which means that you can compete at international tournaments with this paddle. Not only that but it is made to last with a textured graphite face and a sweat-absorbent honeycomb grip.

Who Is This Product for?

Judging by our experience, the Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle is a fine choice for anyone who wants to improve their game. Yes, it does come at a higher price, but you should see this product as a long-term investment that will have you covered for years to come. Most importantly, it is one of the rare paddles that offers great power, superb accuracy, and control. 


Weight Average: 7.6 ounces

Weight Range: 7.5 to 7.8 ounces

Paddle Length: 16 and ⅝ inches

Paddle Width: 7 and ⅛ inches

Face: Textured Graphite

Thickness: 0.5 inches

Grip Length: 4.75 inches

Grip Style: Perforated (cushioned)

Grip Material: Honeycomb

Circumference: 4 and ⅛ inches 

The rough graphite striking surface on the Gamma Compass NeuCore Pickleball Paddle face is designed to improve confidence in your game. When striking the pickleball, the face, made out of textured graphite, delivers a sensitive feel, guaranteeing that you will receive an adequate response and strike the ball with the most power. The graphite’s rough surface complies with USAPA requirements, although it is more likely to increase the ball’s spin. 

Despite its length, this paddle has a balanced feel that allows it to manage strokes from any direction. Furthermore, the innovative technology gives the ball a softer feel and improves the striking experience. The Gamma Compass comes with a sturdy edge guard, which should remove drag and vibration when striking the pickleball or blocking heavy shots, both of which are common for pickleball paddles. 

The Gamma Compass NeuCore Pickleball Paddle is a middle-weight paddle, weighing 7.75 ounces. It comes with an extended paddle design with a length of 16 ⅝” and a width of 7 ⅛” ′ on the paddle face. The popularity of the Gamma Needle has been built upon with this extended form, which provides your paddle with incredible reach and leverage. Elongated paddle shapes allow for more leverage and whip on the pickleball, providing more force. Similarly, extended paddles offer a longer reach, allowing you to move around the court and get those difficult shots.

With a 25% thicker polymer core, you will enjoy superb power and enhanced control in your game. The increased thickness offers more force to your strokes from the back of the court, and it also works well while playing defensive shots at the net. Larger cells in the paddle’s core give more touch, which is essential if you are a player who likes to switch shots. One of the coolest points is that you can rely on the response that the Neucore textured graphite face offers.

It features a tiny handle that enables rapid position changes and is 4 ¾” long, which is shorter than other popular “elongated” paddles. A compass picture is printed on the left side of the face, with the Gamma logo placed on the top right corner. The Compass Graphite paddle sets a higher standard of play because of its smooth, dynamic feel and long-lasting versatility. 

The handle length makes it a suitable choice for players with any game style. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy a large sweet spot to help you with paddle control and accuracy. The grip’s high tackiness helps to pull moisture away and remove any sweat, allowing you to play for hours at maximum comfort. 

Not to forget, the textured graphite face ensures that you play while producing almost no noise. It is essential if you want to compete at a tournament that is held in an area with noise restrictions or if you are someone who is easily distracted by loud pickleball pops. Are there any downsides? We didn’t find any regarding the performance of this paddle.

On the other hand, it is set at a high price point and isn’t a suitable choice if you are a novice player on a limited budget. Still, anyone who is willing to invest more money is sure to get superb quality as the Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle with Honeycomb Grip is a product made to last for a really long time.


  • Offers powerful and sharp spins
  • Comes with a wide sweet spot, allowing more control and touch
  • Produces little to no noise
  • Suitable for professional power players
  • Great if you are defensive and enjoy striking wide balls
  • Features a cushioned honeycomb grip


  • Expensive

Wrap Up

There is no doubt that Gamma did a fantastic job with the NeuCore paddle. It is an elongated paddle that combines superb power and control and is sure to improve your overall game.